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We're back for 2020!

Main Event Day | 25th July | Entry $350* includes complementary garage* | COMING SOON

Test & Tune Day | 24th July | $150 Prebooked* | $185 on the day* | COMING SOON

Accommodation available at Wakefield Park Raceway| More Details

*Competitors who are entered for the main event day on the 25th July will also receive complementary use of a garage at the track for the 24th July. *All prices include GST.

Aus Time Attack

Wakefield Park Raceway

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Aus Time Attack

Pure Petrol Power

Aus Time Attack is about more than just racing. It's about the ultimate collaboration of man and machine with the single goal of beating the clock.

Apart from aiming for the quickest lap time on a given day, it's about having your car ready for the mechanical stress that this entails.

It’s about modifying a production car with no power or upgrade limitations, tuning to the point of achieving a record smashing performance and taking a car to the brink.

Enrol now and seize the chance to take your car to the sweet zone where extremes of engine power are finely balanced with response, down force, aerodynamics, chassis set-up and mechanical grip.

Our Sponsors

Aus Time Attack wishes to thank everyone who are playing a part in bringing about the event.

Aus Time Atttack

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Give your Brand greater exposure. Exhibit your product on our Event Day or become a valued sponsor for this popular motorsport event.

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Hall Of Fame

Congratulations to all former Time Attack Champions. Good luck to all entrants taking part in the 2018 Aus Time Attack Event.

A huge congratulations to Pulse Racing on 1st Outright and 1st Pro car with an amazing 58.56 lap.
Paul Fisher & Paul McKinnon
Paul Fisher & Paul McKinnon
Outright and Open Class Winner 2014
Big congratulations to Patrick Garvan and driver Paul Mckinnon for taking out not only Open Class, but the event outright in the Evolution Motorsport Porsche 944.
Patrick Gravin & Paul Mckinnon
Patrick Gravin & Paul Mckinnon
Outright and Open Class Winner 2015
Huge congratulations to Benny Tran and the BYP team on the Open Class and Outright win with an amazing 57.8270 lap. This lap is now the new outright lap record for a Time Attack car at Wakefield Park?
Benny Tran
Benny Tran
Outright and Open Class Winner 2017
Adam Casmiri on his way to taking Outright honours in the JDMyard Pty Ltd Honda Civic at Aus Time Attack | Lap time - 57.9080
Adam Casmiri
Adam Casmiri
Outright and Open Class Winner 2018

Aus Time Attack

Event Day Facts


Lap Record


Circuit Length




Top Speed

Aus Time Attack



Rules and Regulations

Aus Time Attack generally uses and follows the World Time Attack Technical Regulations.

You will need to abide by the Regulations as they relate to each class of competition. However, Aus Time Attack has made some minor modifications to these Regulations.

  • No driver classifications;
  • Only three (4) classes of competiton: Clubsprint, Open, Pro (No Pro Am) and Supercar Class;
  • Classes relate solely to levels of car modification.
  • No stipulations on the use of tyre brands.

How to enter your car

It's best to enter only after you are satisfied that your car meets all compliance standards for a competition class.

  • To enter the Aus Time Attack 2020 Main Event Day on 25th July - COMING SOON
  • To enter the Test & Tune Day at Wakefield Park on 24th July - COMING SOON
  • Accommodation available at Wakefield Park Raceway| MORE DETAILS

For more information contact Race Organiser John Boston or Wakefield Park Raceway


Race Classes

Aus Time Attack comprises four entry levels: Clubsprint, Open, Pro and Supercar Class

The classes as defined by Aus Time Attack are all about the cars. So, the class in which you enter will depend totally on the modifications that have been made to your vehicle.

Aus Time Attack welcomes exciting modifications and spectacularly presented vehicles for its Competition Day.

Clubsprint Class
Designed to be the entry level class with modification restrictions and tyre limits to contain costs.
Open Class
Further freedoms are allowed beyond Clubsprint, whilst retaining some restrictions.
Pro Class
The highest level of Time Attack racing. Additional freedoms are allowed beyond Open Class.
Supercar Class
Designed for cars that are road registered. Get your Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, R35 ready.

Aus Time Attack

Important Downloads

You are welcome to print out all available downloads.

Aus Time Attack uses and follows a modified version of the World Time Attack Technical Regulations available for download here. Best of luck to all entrants.

Technical Regulations Clubsprint Class Technical Regulations Clubsprint Class (671 KB)

Technical Regulations Open Class Technical Regulations Open Class (671 KB)

Technical Regulations Pro Class Technical Regulations Pro Class (581 KB)

Technical Regulations Supercar Class Technical Regulations Supercar Class (502 KB)

Aus Time Attack

The Winners in 2018

  • Clubsprint Class
    • Benny Tran | Honda S2000 | Lap Time: 64.00
    • Jamal Assad | Mitsubishi EVO5 | Lap Time: 64.62
    • Ben Schwer | Nissan 180SX | Lap Time: 65.65
  • Open Class
    • Benny Tran | Honda Integra | Lap Time: 57.82
    • Denis Vidovic | Mitsubishi EVO9 | Lap Time: 59.60
    • Matt Cole | Mazda RX7 | Lap Time: 61.02
  • Pro Class
    • Troy Patterson | Subaru WRX STI | Lap Time: 63.69
    • Ken Smith | Subaru WRX STI | Lap Time: 67.61

Aus Time Attack Gallery

Check out our catalogue showcasing some of the best in performance cars and memorable moments from Time Attack Event Days over past years.

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    2015 Aus Time AttackOpen Class
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    Against the ClockAus Time Attack
    Aus Time Attack Open Class
    Aus Time Attack Open ClassAus Time Attack
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    Clubsprint 2015Aus Time Attack
    Clubsprint 2015
    Clubsprint 2015Aus Time Attack
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    Fast LapsAus Time Attack
    Pit Lane
    Pit LaneAus Time Attack
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    Pit StopOpen Class
    Pro Class 2015
    Pro Class 2015Aus Time Attack
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    Race DayAus Time Attack
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    Sponsor a carAus Time Attack
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    Time Attack DayAus Time Attack
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    Time Attack in AustraliaAus Time Attack
    Wakefield Park Raceway
    Wakefield Park RacewayAus Time Attack
    Wakefield Park Raceway
    Wakefield Park RacewayAus Time Attack